Nov 20 2017


I have fallen in love with making bishop dresses! Your pattern is a perfect fit.  I was a little nervous about using navy as I thought it might overwhelm the child, but to my delight I think she looks just fine.
Thank you as always,
Alison Brim
Thank you for sharing Alison.  We love dark colors on fair children and we love photos of children playing in their clothes! ∼ Michie’

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3 comments on “A Customer Creation

  1. Ramona Braswell on said:

    What an angel in a beautiful dress! I agree with Michie about playing in their clothes. Thanks for inspiring us. I just might be getting enough nerve to pleat some corduroy!

    Thanks for making all of this possible! I am taking some time this week to celebrate what I am most thankful for. This weekend I realized how thankful I am that my parents allowed me to grow up enjoying Rock n Roll. I now realize that it must have made them more than little nervous. I spent Friday night with my daughter enjoying Three Dog Night live in Huntsville. Today, I am celebrating you. Your unlimited talent and your patient, sweet personality. I know that my BFF Jill and I have tested your teaching skills. Especially since many of our classes were an opportunity for us to celebrate a lifelong friendship and be goofy old ladies while making more memories. I love you!

  2. Adorable, both dress and beautiful little model!

  3. Alison, the dress and the little one are precious!