Jul 29 2017
An unexpected move this summer resulted in a new studio space to work with.  When I say “unexpected”, it’s because I didn’t expect our home to sell on the second day!  My husband’s health finally brought me to the realization that it was time give up the yard and move to a townhouse.  Something I thought that I would never do, but I also thought that I would never have a cat.  (Notice the cat on my drafting table….. but that’s another story for another day.)  Not only is a move a major ordeal, even if it is just to a different neighborhood, it also meant moving my studio space and hoping everything would fit as I had envisioned.  Much to my delight, the office furniture fit better that I expected and we are now ready to finish unpacking and organizing.   I felt the urge to share a photo of the space before I started cluttering it up with the things I need to be creative.  And by the way, I still haven’t located my thimble!
Most frequently asked question:  Tables and drafting table are from Ikea.

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9 comments on “A New Studio Space

  1. Shara Smith on said:

    Congratulations! Downsizing is never easy but your reasons are so valid. Hubby will enjoy turn key living sans a lawnmower:)
    Keep sharing your studio photo as it evolves! Looks like the kitty has already found the best spot in the room:)!

  2. Jennifer Brinkley on said:

    Thank you for sharing pictures of your studio. Your work inspires me! Best wishes for settling in the new space.

  3. Martha on said:

    Wishing you and your husband all the best with these transitions. Change isn’t easy!

  4. Nancy on said:

    My cat now lives on my cutting table. I have to cut on the dining room table. Good luck with your new space

  5. Mary Rowell on said:

    Looks great. Moving is never easy . SO glad it all worked out for you. ‘

  6. Beautiful room, Michie. Wishing you all the best in your new home and many comfortable days ahead.

  7. Carla Jikek on said:

    Sorry to hear about Rex having to give up yard work. We moved this summer too and it was shocking how much fabric I had once it was all together. Show pics as you get your room organized.

  8. Lisa Beall on said:

    Have fun re-envisioning your studio space! May God bless you and your husband in your new home.

  9. Elaine on said:

    Can’t wait to see how it looks when you are all done. We too just downsized to a condo as husband did not want to mow grass any longer. Moving at our age was a bit of a challenge and getting rid of stuff was hard but got easier as we went along. Now we are loving it…..”lock the door and leave”. And one of the bedrooms made for a very nice sewing/office space! You inspire me with your posts!