Jul 7 2011
We discovered really fast that Christian is most comfortable in diaper shirts, so at his request I got busy on another! How could I resist? The fabric was already in my stash and he is already such a boy that he needed a manly print. Once again Rex asked if I had cut up one of his shirts! “No dear, but you have one that looks a lot like that….”

frog 4

Since Christian is working on growing a double chin, I cut the neck slightly larger. I was able to make the shirt in one afternoon, do the handwork that evening, and the Bullion frog the next morning. Now, that is what I call “Nana Sewing!” The frog is from “Australian Smocking’s A-Z Bullion Book”, which happens to be one of my favorites. If you have not tried Bullion animals, they are extremely quick and easy. This little frog took me less that 15 minutes.

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