Mar 17 2017

Dedication Gown #112
We wanted to share the beautiful pictures that our friend Carrie sent us.  John is their third son and a miracle baby.  Diagnosed with numerous possible birth defects early in the pregnancy and born prematurely, John has continued to grow and thrive bringing joy to those around him.
When we received the photos, having followed his story and progress, I saw much more than just a beautiful baby in a beautiful gown.  I saw a mommy’s heart overflowing with love and thankfulness as she sewed a special gown for his dedication. As I looked again at the pictures, it occurred to me that much of our sewing has little to do with necessity and more to do with preserving a craft, creativity, and a display of love to those around us.

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4 comments on “A Special Dedication Gown For A Special Boy

  1. He is just beautiful, and so is the dress!!!

  2. Dot Gipson on said:

    What a precious baby. May God bless his life with love, joy, and health

  3. Just beautiful! You can see the love in every stitch.

  4. Cindy on said:

    I agree. Beautiful baby and gown.