Jun 20 2016


© Creations by Michie'
She calls it her “E” dress and is especially proud since this one was made by her Mommy.  Tiffany is pretty new to sewing, but you sure can’t tell by the fantastic job she did using pattern #136.  Anna assisted with the monogramming and I held her hand during the buttonhole process, the rest was all her.  This is truly the best way to learn, work through it on your own as much as possible then ask for help if you get stuck.
Now that the sewing bug has officially bit, Tiffany is planning the Fall wardrobe that she will make for her sweet daughter and is working on doll clothes as well!
*The sundress is also available in smaller sizes and will look great with a blouse or tee shirt for cooler weather.

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One comment on “A Sundress For The Beginner

  1. Debra Parker on said:

    So cute! Your granddaughter is growing up too fast!