Mar 13 2017


Sometimes you nearly cry when your favorite pink jumper has gotten too short.  The jumper was brought to me to see if I had a solution.  There was no hem left, we eliminated that in the Fall when we went to a tiny hem and used the large rick rack to cover the previous stitching line.  A ruffle was all I could think of.  Mommy and I weren’t sure how it would look, but it was worth a try.  I found the pre-gathered wide eyelet at Hobby Lobby and simply zigzagged it to the bottom of the jumper.  We all agreed that it looks even better with the ruffle and now we have one happy girl now.

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4 comments on “Add a Ruffle

  1. Leland Hall SMILEY on said:

    Great Idea!!

  2. Carla J on said:

    Looks great. Your granddaughter is beautiful and getting so big..

  3. TerriSue on said:

    That is what my granddaughter is doing…growing up but not out. The problem we have is buying jeans. At the age of 10 she MUST have them. We have to buy 10 slims and even then sometimes they are not slim enough in the waist. The jumper looks great. Every time you put a new picture up of her she is even prettier. Daddy is going to have to be in the market for a shotgun soon!

  4. Barbara on said: