Apr 1 2011
The pink dress in the previous blog turned out too pretty not to give you a closer look!  I used pattern #127 and drafted an a new lace and embroidery design.  Detailed lace instructions are included in the pattern.

lace 2

I had seen a dress in an antique store with a lace and embroidery design which inspired this sweet baby dress. A little lace shaping was required, then the lace was stitched down with a tiny zigzag stitch.

lace 3

I chose to gather the lace edging just enough so that it would lie flat. Emma still needs to be the star attraction, not the dress.

lace 4

And of course a little lace and embroidery were needed at the hem. Emma can’t possibly be enjoying these dresses as much as Nana enjoys making them for her!

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