Sep 10 2016



Our quarterly girl’s retreat was a success!  Once a quarter, if life permits, we like to leave the men and kiddos behind and do something together that’s relaxing, educational, and inspires creativity.  This time, I got to pick the place and event.  The art of wine making has always intrigued me.  To go from a simple grape to a beverage that has hints of chocolate, grass, and sometimes tar (how weird is that?) is pretty amazing.   Even if you do not drink wine, I’m sure you can appreciate the art in that.

At this particular winery, you are allowed (and encouraged) to bring your own picnic lunch and sit under a tree at one of the hundreds of tables.  There’s nothing quite like enjoying a “girly” lunch with some gal-pals, is there?  With views of the valley and rows of grape vines, we couldn’t help be inspired by the beautiful contrasts of colors at Summer’s end.  I’ll miss the greenery of Summer here in the South, but welcome with open arms the colors of Fall and the cooler weather.

What do you do to keep up your inspiration for creativity?  We’d love to hear from you.


Tiffany Mooney

Office Manager

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