May 5 2016

Sweet Emma with her daddy[1]

It’s hard to believe that it has been 5 years since I mailed a Dedications dress to Arizona for our first grandchild.  What a thrill for any grandmother and within a week of the dedication our second grandchild arrived!  I don’t have enough words for how our family was blessed during that wonderful and often scary time.  Not only had tornadoes ripped through our area leaving us without power for days the second grandchild’s birth was quite dramatic requiring a week stay in NICU.  Below is the original post from May 8th, 2011.
In our Baptist Churches, Baby Dedications are fairly simple. They are happening more often on Mother’s Day and any baby born during the past year is presented to the church by his or her parents along with special scripture readings and sometimes responsive readings by the congregation. There is a special prayer and a small Bible with the babies name engraved on it is often given to the parents.
My only instructions were, “Make something that you think she would look pretty in.” Well, along with that and the fact that Emma is one of the prettiest babies ever, that left things pretty wide open. Since Emma is turning 6 months old this week (I know, hard to believe) I thought it was time for her first smocked to the shoulder dress.
I made the dress from white Imperial Batiste with a scalloped Madeira hem and yellow bullion roses. Anna noticed during our visit that yellow looks good on Emma which is unusual for a baby, so we decided to go with that.
I would love to be in Arizona for the Dedication but since Anna and her watermelon (her words not mine) are about ready to do something, we thought it best that I stay here.
*Our power situation is now back to normal and I am in the process of restocking the freezer which has never been so clean before. I still get excited when I flip a light switch and something happens!
Our next blog will give a brief tutorial for the smocked yoke along with the free smocking design!

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3 comments on “Baby Dedication Dress

  1. Debbie Bowdish on said:

    Sweet memory and beautiful baby! May I ask what pattern you used?

  2. Mari on said:

    Just beautiful!