Feb 5 2018
A picture is worth a thousand words and sometimes you just need a good photo.  I’m working on a linen outfit using pattern #148 and while stitching the bias band to the collar, it dawned on me that an up close photo might be helpful to many of you.
When working with linen, I prefer to use a pima cotton or imperial batiste for the band.  This is when careful stitching and trimming gives your garment a professional look.  Notice how the collars match in the center.  This happens to be one of our most popular blog tutorials which you can read here.  Follow your pattern directions carefully and trim when it says trim, clip when it says clip and press if it says press. Don’t skip the Understitching.  Understitching is the machine stitching that you can see in the photo and is stitched through the bias band and seam allowance.  This keeps the band laying nice and flat.  Trim the width of the band if necessary so that when the raw edge is turned under you only see about 1/4″ or slightly more.  And last but not least, slip stitch the band to the shirt using a hand sewing needle and one strand of thread.  Pin as needed, take your time, and use small stitches.  Remember, these little tips and details are important for a well made garment. ∼ Michie’

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4 comments on “Bias Band To Collar

  1. Cynthia on said:

    Thanks for this post! It is the small details that make ALL the difference!! . At neckline, how much of a seam do you leave after trimming (before you do the understitching)? Also, how wide is the finished bias edging? I use 1″bias strip. 1/4″ for seam. So if i turn under 1/4 inch, that leaves 1/2″. But I am thinking 1/2″ for finished edge is a bit too much. But I wanted to be clear if you were saying 1/4 for the FINISHED band– wasn’t sure! Hope this makes sense! I have been doing the understitching but patterns typically don’t tell you this.

  2. Thanks for the great tips, both new and good reminders.
    Have a great day.