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Jul 18 2011

Since “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words” I thought that I would share a few pictures while constructing a smocked Jon-Jon. The smocking design for the elephants are mine and will be available on the blog shortly. Anna and I wanted them to look like animal cracker […]

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Jul 7 2011

We discovered really fast that Christian is most comfortable in diaper shirts, so at his request I got busy on another! How could I resist? The fabric was already in my stash and he is already such a boy that he needed a manly print. Once again Rex […]

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Jun 23 2011

I know that pictures are often a huge help with instructions. The Jon-Jon pattern is very simple, but turning the leg openings can be a little confusing. Here I have stitched together a Jon-Jon out of pale blue pique’ and lined it with white Imperial Broadcloth. I am […]

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Apr 1 2011

The pink dress in the previous blog turned out too pretty not to give you a closer look!  I used pattern #127 and drafted an a new lace and embroidery design.  Detailed lace instructions are included in the pattern. I had seen a dress in an antique store […]

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Mar 29 2011

I thought that I would give you a peek at two of the dresses that I recently sent to baby Emma. Both dresses were made using pattern #127, and as you can tell, the looks are totally different! The pink dress was made from pink pima cotton, lace, […]

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Jul 5 2010

For the next few blogs I will cover several smocking tips. One term that you need to be familiar with when picture smocking is “back smocking.” This is done on the wrong side of the pleated inset, and is nothing more than a cable stitch using two strands […]

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