Apr 11 2017
Today let’s answer a couple of buttonhole questions.  First of all, these are recommendations not rules.  The tradition of which side the buttonhole goes on can be traced back to European gentlemen when buttonhole placement took into consideration what was most convenient for their valet.  So, if you goof up and put the buttonholes on the wrong side and your valet doesn’t complain, maybe the rest of us will also over look it.
Sticking with tradition, “Girl’s are always right” is the little saying that I can remember.  If you are sewing for a girl, the buttonhole is on the right whether it is in the front or back of the garment and for the boy, it is on the left.
The next question is, “Should I sew the buttonhole vertical or horizontal?”  Most patterns will have marking or an illustration for buttonhole placement, so follow that.  But when in doubt, if the garment has a facing, I sew the buttonholes vertically.  Horizontal buttonholes give a garment a little more “give”, so I use them whenever a garment is lined and I have the option.
Well, I hope that cleared that up!  🙂

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One comment on “Buttonhole Questions

  1. Julie on said:

    In reading this post, I am reminded of your helpful tips on buttonholes from July, 2016. Although I’ve been sewing for many years, I always dreaded buttonholes and often wasn’t happy with the result. Your tip of marking a line the entire length where buttonholes are to be worked was so simple but made a HUGE difference. I no longer dread buttonholes. Thank you!