Mar 1 2017

I’ve enjoyed taking my time working on this lovely Christening Gown over the last few weeks.  We often have projects that we must hurry through, but if you can take your time, like any other journey, it will be much more enjoyable.
For this lovely gown, I used pattern #108 along with top quality laces and pima cotton fabric.  For gowns with laces and entredeux, it really does help if you can divide the project into sections.  One afternoon was set aside just for stitching the laces and entredeux together.  With the proper machine settings, it goes quickly but you do have to pay attention because I have found that watching the needle zigzagging back and forth can be quite hypnotizing!
A lot of planning also goes into any heirloom project and although I even had sketched out my design, something just didn’t look right after the gown was complete.  Even though I had a lovely band of lace at the bottom, it still looked plain. So, after the gown was completed, I added the hand embroidery around the bottom of the skirt.  Not my best plan, but with a small embroidery hoop it worked and made the gown look more balanced.
Remember that heirlooms are meant to be worn and passed down from generation to generation, so don’t leave them stored away and forgotten.  Better that they be loved and worn out than no memories attached to them.

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7 comments on “Christening Gown #108

  1. A Malowany on said:


  2. Sue Hansford on said:

    I want to start on a christening gown that could be worn by a boy or girl. (No grands yet.) Are there some rules that should be followed? I know that puff sleeves are normally worn by a girl and straight sleeves by a boy, for example. What are some ideas that could be used for both? I appreciate your help.

  3. Terri Jones on said:

    Beautiful and sweet!

  4. April on said:


  5. KAde on said:

    Thank you for sharing a gown so lovely! Is the embroidery an original design or did you have a pattern for it? I would love to see it close-up!

  6. Carla Fiedler on said:

    Beautiful! Your work is lovely.