Jan 22 2017
Spring arrived yesterday afternoon in the form of the new Classic Sewing Magazine.  The poor mailman waded through a torrential downpour to place it on the front porch which I immediately snatched up and rush back in to show Tiffany.  It’s always much more fun when someone is here to ooh and awe with me as I do the first “flip through” getting the general feel of the magazine and checking out my submissions.  We both agreed that the magazine is beautiful, inspiring and the best issue so far!


In the magazine you will find our newest pattern #148 made from white and turquoise pique’.  The “Crosses” smocking design is available in the magazine.
Our second contribution is a short article about matching up collars.  A small detail that makes a huge difference in achieving a professional look for your sewing.  Patterns #133, #102 and #145 are featured in this article.  I’ll share close up pictures and detail of these outfits on the next blog.

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