Sep 23 2017

“My name is Cathy Rogers. These are hand smocked jon jons using pattern #137. It’s always interesting trying to get the inserts in correctly. Love the pattern! Thanks”
Great job Cathy!  We don’t see any room for improvement.  My personal favorite is the blue smocked crabs.  We normally see them in red so a new color is refreshing. ∼ Michie’


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2 comments on “Customer Creation

  1. Cute ! Cute! I miss smocking! Just don’t have time right now!

  2. Jane Gable on said:

    Beautiful! I, too, have loved pattern #137 for my grandson. Your photos are an inspiration for me this winter to get ahead by summer sewing– great ideas. Also, you gave me a sewing tip by viewing photos. I didn’t think about sewing around the neck and armholes. That’s a nice finishing touch!
    Many thanks for sharing as well as a thanks to Michie’ for posting for others to enjoy!! Jane