Oct 17 2016
“With the busyness of the holidays coming up, I like to find gifts that are inexpensive and quick to make.  This year I found a DIY fabric necklace that I absolutely love and completed in car line while waiting to pick up my daughter from school.  The necklace can be for kids or adults (I made one for each of us).  It’s so easy that kids can even help make them for their own friends or family.  All you need is small wooden beads or marbles and strips of fabric.  I found a great tutorial with how-to photos on the blog “How Does She?”.  Follow this link http://howdoesshe.com/diy-fabric-necklaces-that-cost-mere-marbles/



This one is made from scraps from the dress I made her.  She loves wearing a coordinating necklace.  And, it’s made with light weight wooden beads from Hobby Lobby, so it’s not heavy around her neck.
I hope you enjoy the easy project as much as I did.  If you are like me and always need to have something to do with your hands while waiting for an appointment or in car line, this is a great one.
Happy Crafting.
Tiffany Mooney

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