Mar 9 2017
One of my favorite and most requested designs has been for the smocking design “Chocolate Bunnies” which appeared in an issue of Sew Beautiful Magazine several years ago.  I’m thrilled that Martha Pullen Company have posted the full article and smocking design on their blog!  Click here to view the article and design.

And why is this one of my favorites, you might ask?  Well, I happen to love Spring, anything with bunnies, and my grandson is modeling the outfit.  I have wonderful memories of the photoshoot.  We met at the photographers with several outfits neat and pressed never knowing how things will go with a baby.  He had just learned to sit up, so there are several hands just out of sight ready for him to topple over.  Fortunately, he loved the camera and the camera loved him.  The photo is a bit misleading, notice how he seems unimpressed by the large stuffed bunnies?  Every time we lost his attention he dove into it for a snuggle and a hug.  🙂

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3 comments on “Free Bunny Smocking Design!

  1. Peggy Peak on said:

    I 💙 Your patterns & site

  2. Kathy Scruggs on said:

    I got a permission denied when I tried to download, has it been removed?