May 17 2012
“Let them eat broccoli!” would be an appropriate title for this blog!  Yes, we let the babies play outside, eat, and act like normal kids in their smocked outfits!  The smocking is durable and washable and I want these clothes worn out with love and memories.

May2Pattern #132 or #136

I like to tell a little smocking story for those who are hesitant about the durability of smocking.  When Anna was in kindergarten I smocked an insert for a sweatshirt with gingerbread men on it.  She LOVED that sweatshirt and wore it at least once a week to school during the winter.  The next year it still fit so it was worn over and over once again.  The next year the sleeves were short so she slept in it occasionally.  She really loved that shirt!!!!  I finally handed it down to a friend and although the sweatshirt was looking worn the smocking looked brand new!


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