Aug 9 2017
A bit of illustrating has been going on the last few days.  Slowly but surely we are bringing our retired patterns back.  I love having the opportunity to update the pattern fronts which feels a lot more like play than work.  I was one of those kids who always loved to draw and color.  What did you love to do as a child that sparked your creativity?
What are we working on this week?  Patterns #124-S and #124-L will be available as Printables next week if all goes as planned.

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One comment on “Illustrating

  1. Shara Smith on said:

    I sewed baby doll clothes from the time I could thread a needle, all through high school, when my own babies started to arrive. I always loved the Philippine batiste dresses with matching slips..the tiny pin tucks, embroidery and laces. I bought these for my baby girl in the ’60’s. So happy to see that you are bringing back these classic baby/toddler designs!