Jul 24 2016
After months of designing, drafting, long computer hours and proofing, we get to see our creation come to life in print.  We have used the same local printers for our patterns for the last 16 years and they have become like family.  Besides working together to achieve the quality product we require, we also share news of our children, grandchildren and they have even called just to see how my husband is doing.  That is when business is fun, when you have a small community of friends working together.  And when we call to ask them to run a second printing of our newest pattern #147, guess what, they are as excited as we are that we have a “hit!”

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2 comments on “Keeping It Local

  1. I think of you and your family often (feels like my own family). How is your husband doing and how are you holding up. Been there, done that, but survived…

  2. Marnita Miller on said:

    I love your printed patterns. Such high quality paper and so easy to lay out and trace. So very glad that you have a wonderful printing partner that you can count on.