Feb 10 2017

My announcement of finally getting a new serger generated a few questions and request for updates on my progress with a new machine.  You either know me well or I suspect we are all alike and are a bit intimidated by our new purchases.  Fear of getting it out of the box, fear of not using something that you spent good money on, or fear of reading a manual, I’ve done and heard it all.  So let’s answer a few questions and make a few suggestions.
First, when buying a new sewing machine or serger, I recommend buying local from a reputable dealer.  In my case that would be S & R Sewing and Vacuum which is located both in Decatur and Huntsville, AL.  Besides my many reasons for buying local, I want a trained staff who can answer my questions, recommend the model they think would suit me best and offers new owner classes at no extra charge.  For those who hate reading a manual and are afraid to turn dials and push buttons on their own, classes are a must.
My next bit of advise after taking care of the warranty stuff, is to take your new machine out of the box as soon as possible and start playing with it!  After my good friend threaded the serger in the store and demonstrated basic stitches, I immediately came home, set it up and unthreaded it!  Doesn’t unthreading a threaded serger just seem wrong?  Yes, it was painful, but I had a purpose.  Even though my Baby Lock Imagine is “self threading” there are always a few things to learn, so I unthreaded and rethreaded the machine FOUR times before trying anything else.   And it worked, I no longer live in fear of needing to change thread color!
I’ll keep you posted as I try new stitches and tackle new projects.

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  1. Oooooo, Ahhhhhhh, so beautiful!! 🙂