Oct 20 2016


Hello, we thought we would give you a peek at our afternoon.  If you don’t already know her, let me introduce you to Tiffany.  Tiffany is our office manager and takes care of our pattern production, shipping and all of that other business stuff.  She also keeps us highly creative people a bit more grounded.  Tiffany happens to be my daughter-in-law and is mother to my granddaughter.   Since most of her work is done from her home, we try to get together at least one afternoon a week for an exchange of ideas and general fun.  We usually end up proofreading, discussing projects or sewing together.  My computer is at one end of the long table and sewing machine at the other, so we are able to work side by side on our different projects and can also easily switch places if one of us needs extra help.  This afternoon I put the finishing touches on an a tutorial for www.sewmamasew.com while she got a little help on her latest sewing project.  As you can see from the pictures, we really enjoy our time together.  If we don’t get as much done as intended, it might be because we are laughing a lot.

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One comment on “Our Afternoon

  1. Sharon Landis on said:

    Michie, your patterns are the backbone of the heirloom sewing industry. So great to have this image of someone who loves her craft so much and is so generous in spreading that love!