Dec 9 2016
At age 6, she is now more aware that Nana, Mommy and Aunt Anna are running a creative business together.  She is beginning to understand that we design, illustrate, sew and test a final product that we then sell to other Nana’s and Mommies who want to sew for their children.  We don’t know if this is influencing her creativity or if it is just something she was born with, but the girl spends hours drawing outfits or sculpting clothes out of Play-Doh for her Magiclip Dolls.
What creative endeavors did you like when you were little?

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2 comments on “Our Youngest Designer

  1. carole chadwick on said:

    So sweet thanks for sharing..

  2. marsha taylor on said:

    Strange as a child I wasn’t into baby dolls or Barbies but I did love my doll house (the furnishings only) and paper dolls I designed clothes for the paper dolls and used scraps of fabric and wall paper to change the interior (my Mum was forever decorating) , so I suppose this influenced me.