Jan 22 2016




Look how much our girl has grown!   At 5 years old, which I have been informed is a big girl, she is still loving dresses made by Nana.  The dress is made out of Featherwale corduroy and is smocked with “Little Foxes” a design which is still in the works.
Just in time for Easter sewing, our newest pattern #146-L is now available as a traditional or Printable pattern.



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9 comments on “Pattern #146-L Ready To Ship!

  1. Michie, we need that fox plate ASAP!

  2. LELAND SMILEY on said:

    Love the pattern and the pink dress! What smocking plate did you use for the sheep?

  3. TerriSue on said:

    We are getting a new little granddaughter sometime in May. Our first grandchild is turning 9 on Sunday and she says she is to old for smocked clothing. I was still smocking for her mother when she was 9. Rowen has very definite tastes in clothing. I cannot surprise her with outfits. If I want to make her something I need to have her in on the pattern, fabric and notions selections. If she doesn’t care for something she won’t wear it. It is going to be nice to have a little one that I can make whatever I want for again! I am going to be buying this pattern in the smaller sizes. I love little girls in basic yoke dresses.

  4. Mary Anne Perkins on said:

    I love this. I have a five year old great granddaughter and I just love to make dresses for her. And JohnJohn’s for her two year old brother.

  5. It is such fun to watch the growing process on a day to day basis but when we are forced to look at the total years they sure go fast. My granddaughter just turned 8 and I am afraid that I can’t sew to please her any longer. Maybe pajamas and simple shorts but not jeans. This dress in adorable especially in corduroy.

  6. Our first grandchild is turning 9 on Sunday and she says she is to old for smocked clothing. Where such information?

  7. Terry on said:

    Is the fox plate ready. Need it!