Apr 4 2016
First of all, we wanted to let you know that we have added PayPal to our website.  Just think, no more having to enter those pesky credit card numbers.  Faster and more secure shopping is always a priority.
And as for “Other Things” it is always fun to get a peek at someone’s studio space.  The picture is of my design corner where fun and often magical things happen.  On this particular day I was working on illustrations for a brand new pattern.  One of my very favorite ways to spend an afternoon.




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One comment on “PayPal And Other Things

  1. Jeanette Paris on said:

    I have always wanted to learn to smock so I’ve been watching the web for a good place to start. When I found your site I knew I found a great place to start. I ordered 2 boops and am looking forward to getting started.
    Thank you