Aug 16 2015
The announcement of Printable Patterns has generated some great questions that we would like to take time to answer.
Q. How soon will other patterns become available as Printables?
A. We are working backwards numerically and will be adding more as soon as possible.  Watch the blog and Facebook to keep up with the new additions.
Q.  Why has it taken so long for you to have Printables available?
A.  The learning curve has been huge and it takes a lot of time to trace and tile each pattern, but we are picking up speed!
Q.  What is the advantage of Printable Patterns?
A.  The price is $2.00 cheaper than the traditional packaged patterns and there are no shipping fees.  You can also download the pattern right away instead of waiting 3 to 5 business days.
Q.  Will the traditional patterns still be available?
A.  Yes, they will continue and all future patterns will be available in both formats.
Q.  Now that you have figured out this stuff, will you have smocking designs available as Printables?
A.  Yes!  We are currently working on several designs which will be ready in the very near future.


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3 comments on “Questions About Printable Patterns

  1. Mary Anne on said:


  2. Debra Parker on said:

    So glad you are continuing with the paper patterns! But printable smocking plates are wonderful!!! Can’t wait!

  3. Holly VandeWater on said:

    Iam VERY PLEASED that patterns will be available in both formats. I don’t care for the printable version. I understand it is helpful at times,but i enjoy the other due to mishaps, thank you for both! Holly