Nov 7 2016


While pulling my Christmas samples, one of my favorites caught my eye.  The outfit was made out of black featherwale corduroy using pattern #134.  To add heirloom detail to the outfit, I adapted the collar for bridging/fagoting using the instructions out of the “Heirloom Embroidery Book.”  My favorite part of the outfit is the snowman jacquard trim which is suitable through the winter, not just for the holidays, and is simply stitched on top of the seam line.
The outfit was featured in Sew Beautiful Magazine and yes, that is my grandson five years ago just as he was learning to sit up.  You can click here if you would like to see the behind the scenes photo shoot from way back when!
Other suggested patterns for this style are #131 and #138.

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2 comments on “Sewing With Jaquard Trim

  1. I love your simple, yet elegant, sewing style, it is so classic and refreshing!