Jul 26 2017
 Let’s admit it, one of the most aggravating things about smocking is stitching a beautiful row and discovering when you get to the second row that you were off a stitch.  Yes, no one will probably notice, but for the next 5 or 6 rows you will have to deal with adjusting stitches to make it work.  And unfortunately years and years of practice makes no difference, sometimes your counting  just isn’t accurate.  So here is the hint of the day….. I stagger my smocking for the first two or three rows.  No more completing an entire row only to discover that I skipped or picked up too many pleats.  I simply smock several inches of the first row and stop.  Then I thread a second needle and stitch the second row until it catches up with the first.  Continue the process until the first two rows are completed.  I can now complete the smocking without having to make the design work because I had apparently lost my ability to count way back on row 1.

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7 comments on “Smocking Hint: Staggered Smocking

  1. That makes me feel so much better! Even YOU make mistakes ????

  2. Janet Davis on said:

    What a terrific idea! It does seem to happen more than I like so I’m saving this post!

  3. Sarah de Roos on said:

    I can’t live with mistakes and after years of pulling out an entire row having found a mistake near the beginning, I do the same thing. I actually start in the center and stitch one entire side before moving on to the other side. It saves a lot of frustration!

  4. Kay Briley on said:

    This is so helpful, I get so upset when I do this. I have address I am starting this week so I will be trying this.

  5. Deb Baker on said:

    Watching TV while smocking is dangerous! I spend as much time unsmocking as I do smocking. Thank you for the solution.

  6. Debbie Hill on said:

    This is a great hint! It’s nice to have a few tricks up our sleeves!

  7. Wauw…. I just love your smocking….