Oct 9 2017
I love Snap Tape for several reasons. It is easy to find in the notions section of most stores that sell fabric, it does a good job of staying snapped, and it sews in quickly.  Notice that I said “quickly” and not “easily.”  Because there is not a lot of tape on either sides of the snaps, the machine presser foot tends to jump around the snaps instead of sewing straight, so here are a few hints to make the job easier.
1. Use plenty of pins.  My photo represents a lot of years and many miles of snap tape sewing, not reality.  I recommend pinning centers together, pin at each end, and pin on either side of each snap.  That’s a lot of pins but it really helps to keep the snap tape from shifting.
2. Take your time and stitch slowly as you approach each snap.
3. Don’t hurry the process.  I like to sew the snap tape at the beginning of my next sewing session when I am rested and more focused.  The same goes for buttonholes.
4. If you aren’t happy with the results, you can easy take out the stitches and try again, but remember snap tape is at the crotch, so a few wobbly stitches will not be noticed. ∼ Michie’

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5 comments on “Snap Tape Hints

  1. Thanks for those pointers. Would using a zipper foot make it easier to sew since you are sewing around the snaps?

  2. Cheryl Clapp on said:

    Thanks Michie’. I usually resort to hand basting or gluing all around first then stitching with my zipper foot. I have ripped out several unstraight stitches going around those snaps!

  3. Hi!
    I have been using buttons instead of snaps or snap tape. One question….color of thread is white on top and garment color in bobbin??
    And what distance from edge to avoid seeing the tape?

    • Great questions! Yes the top thread is white and bobbin thread matches the garment. I place the tape about 1/8″ from the fabric edge. Also, my zipper foot does more jumping around the snaps than the regular foot.

  4. Sarah de Roos on said:

    I seefrom your picture that there are only two snaps. It seems like that leaves a large area at the leg opening without a snap. I try to center a snap at the center seam and one on each side if possible. This avoids a gap at the center seam and allows the entire crotch area to be snapped closed.
    I hate sewing snap tape and recently started using the newer plastic snaps applied with the special pliers.I have been happy with the results and they come in many colors. I still use buttons on heirloom type garments.
    I enjoy your blogs and tutorials. Thank you.