Oct 13 2017
You’ve all waited so patiently for photos of the new studio space and here they are.  It took me a few weeks to decide what worked best, where to hang things and then to commit to putting nails in freshly painted walls.  You would probably still be waiting, but we had to get things finished up for a magazine photo shoot of my space.  So here you go, I hope you enjoy and a special thanks to our friend Kelsey for taking great photos! ∼ Michie’

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10 comments on “Studio Before And After

  1. Gisela Jardine on said:

    Your studio looks like a very well organized space. I am sure you will produce lovely things in there.

    I look forward to seeing new patterns being born there and lovely childrens clothes.

    Enjoy your new space


  2. Debbie on said:

    Very nice!! I love it. Can you share details regarding your tables?

  3. Marie Roche on said:

    Very inspiring!!

  4. Love it!

  5. Debbie Bowdish on said:

    It’s a beautiful space to inspire creativity! I like the way garments were hung on the walls.

  6. It’s beautiful Michie! Mine is so jumbled!

  7. Patty McAnally on said:

    Perfect!!! What great natural light!