Aug 23 2017
We celebrated the first week of the kids being back in school with a girl’s outing.  Although we never need an excuse to shop for fabric, one kid will need a few things for first grade dress up days so we were on our way.  Tiffany, Anna and I had a blast shopping at Joann’s Fabric together and then met Tiffany’s sister, Suzy, for lunch at a new restaurant.  Notice how happy I am in the photo?  Notice that I was also the only one willing to have my picture taken?  Silly girls, you always look great!

This is what I came home with.  A few pieces of linen/blends, Broadcloth, and shirting fabric.  The plan is for three sample outfits using patterns #147, #148 and #131.  Can you see them?  I’ll be posting photos of the sketches and finished garment. ∼ Michie’

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One comment on “The Girl Outing

  1. Mary Rose on said:

    You look fantastic!