Jun 7 2016
I have been asked recently, “What is a Lace Shaping Board?”  A great question.  A Lace Shaping Board is a padded board covered in a thick fabric with two printed sides.  One side is marked to help with sizing a bishop style dress, while the other side is marked for shaping lace.  The board is also marked in one inch increments which is helpful when sizing a smocked insert.  Pins can be stuck securely into the padding to hold fabric or lace in place, and you can also spray starch and press on the board.  My board is almost 20 years old and is well loved.  What did we do before lace shaping boards?  We attempted to pin to the ironing board pad which rarely worked since the pins tended to pop out.

smocking board 3

* You can find the boards at several sources by doing a Google search.

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