Apr 20 2017
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This year our 6 year old asked for a puffy skirt and sash for Easter.  Always aiming to please, I was thrilled with a simple request and Tiffany had already purchased the perfect fabric from The Sewing Room.  I used a basic yoke dress pattern for the dress and played a lot with the fabric before deciding on using the contrasting fabric for the bodice and sash.  Changing the bodice to accommodate contrasting fabric is extremely easy and the sash was made using a method that I came up with when Anna was little.  I’ll explain both in upcoming tutorials.  I also did something I haven’t done in years … I put a zipper in the dress!  We don’t put zippers in clothes that will be stored for future generation, but this is a basic dress and will probably be worn out before outgrown.  So, when choosing your fabric and notions keep in mind your vision for the garments future.

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5 comments on “What She Wore For Easter

  1. Virginia Roland on said:


  2. Mary Rowell on said:

    Beautiful little lady and her dress. Love the contrast. I also love the flower on it. Is there a tutorial for this also? I hate zippers so I am up there with you on this. I learned to sew in a zipper and still to this day baste it before sewing it in. Happy Sewing.

  3. Cindy on said:

    You know, I never thought about the fact that we didn’t put zippers in our heirloom projects and the reason never occurred to me before. Learn something new every day. Love your updates/comments. They ground me when I am having a rough day or week. Can’t wait until summer break so I can work on some projects too.

  4. Emma looks so beautiful in her Easter dress. She has gronw so much since the time I am following your blog and buy the patterns.