Nov 27 2017
Question:  When do you use a lemon while sewing?
Answer:  When you forgot to clean the iron and it left starch residue on your fabric.
Not a lot of brown residue, but enough to ruin the garment.  I panicked and all I could think of was rubbing a cut lemon on the spot, waiting about five minutes and rubbing again.  After letting it sit for about 20 minutes I rinsed it in cold water and it was gone!  I do not promise this will work every time, but it saved the day this time and that’s what counted. ∼ Michie’
We would like to know what you have tried and what worked!

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2 comments on “When Do You Use A Lemon While Sewing?

  1. Suzanne on said:

    Vinegar has worked for me.

  2. Ramona Wheeles Braswell on said:

    I am trying to get back into sewing. My bff has a sweet granddaughter. Trying to make some of those unfinished (unstated) projects for her. Current project is white flannel nightgown machine embroidered and trimmed with white entradeaux and hand crocheted lace. Bought all supplies many years ago for this project. Couldn’t find gown pattern, crochet needle or pearle cotton. After repurchasing all the lost supplies, I washed, shrunk, dried, prepped fabrics. Got out that OLD Faultless to starch that pristine white entradeaux. Saturated it with copious amounts of BROWN Faultless! After I regained consciousness, I washed out that rotten starch in a bowl of cold water. If this project survives, it will be named”The Miracle Nightgown”. I am changing my name to Calamity Jane! It was good to hear that Michie also messed up AND recovered her beautiful work!