Oct 2 2017
I’ve had several questions lately about the availability and price of pleaters.  So we did some research and here is what we found out.  During the past few years, when I was not paying attention because I had a good working pleater, they have become harder to find and the prices have jumped … a lot!  According to my source, the only pleaters currently being made are the Read pleaters which are made in South Africa. That explains the high cost to those of us in the United States.  We found it interesting that the pleater was invented in the 1950’s by the Read family as an easy way to make pleats for Smocking. Keep in mind that if you are considering purchasing a pleater,  they last a long time.  My first pleater lasted 25 years before it started having issues.
Because not everyone has a pleater and may not be ready for the investment, we are offering pleated inserts and transferable smocking dots in our Etsy store.  At this time they are only shipped in the US, but if you are overseas we can put you in contact with another source. ∼ Michie’

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7 comments on “Where Have All The Pleaters Gone?

  1. Wow, that’s kind if depressing about pleaders. I do hope my pleaters last a little while longer. 😊 I hope the needles won’t be hard to find/purchase.

  2. Nancy Itson on said:

    If anyone is wanting to buy a pleater, I have an old pleater that I am wanting to sell. All it needs is new needles. It worked great all the times I used it, but I don’t need it anymore.

    My contact information is nitson@faulkner.edu

  3. Jan beard on said:

    I have a read pleated that I love but had some issues with it initially. Finding someone to repair it here in the US is next to impossible. I emailed the company and they said to find someone locally.

  4. Vicki Clark on said:

    I have recently taken up smocking and I searched for a pleater for several months. I too only found them in South Africa. But my son did some online searching and found me a used Pullen Pleater on EBay. I’m so happy to have it and I am enjoying my retirement learning to smock cute outfits for my granddaughter.

  5. Virginia Perry on said:

    When I got my first pleater. There was a limited number imported from South Africa. I had to put my name on a list and wait until I was next in line to get one. It took me a year.