Snap Tape Hints
I love Snap Tape for several reasons. It is easy to find in the notions section of most stores that sell fabric, it does a good job of staying snapped, and it sews in quickly.  Notice that I said “quickly” and not “easily.”  Because there is not a lot of tape on either sides of the snaps, the machine presser foot tends to jump around the snaps instead of sewing straight, so here are a few hints to make the job easier.
1. Use plenty of pins.  My photo represents a lot of years and many miles of snap tape sewing, not reality.  I recommend pinning centers together, pin at each end, and pin on either side of each snap.  That’s a lot of pins but it really helps to keep the snap tape from shifting.
2. Take your time and stitch slowly as you approach each snap.
3. Don’t hurry the process.  I like to sew the snap tape at the beginning of my next sewing session when I am rested and more focused.  The same goes for buttonholes.
4. If you aren’t happy with the results, you can easy take out the stitches and try again, but remember snap tape is at the crotch, so a few wobbly stitches will not be noticed. ∼ Michie’
October 09, 2017 by Creationsbymichie Admin