How to Assemble a Creations by Michie’ Printable Pattern
Have you been considering purchasing a PDF/Printable pattern, but not sure how it works?  Here is a quick tutorial on how to use and assemble our PDF/Printable Patterns.
Our patterns are designed to be printed from the home printer (using either 8 1/2″ x 11″ or A4 paper) and then be taped together to construct the large pattern sheet. We recommend tracing the size you will be making to preserve the original. This will also make the pattern easier to work with and will remove any bulk after taping the pages together.
Upon purchase of a Creations by Michie’ Printable Pattern you will receive a link and special code to download the PDF’s of the pattern. We recommend saving them to a file folder on your computer. You will receive a PDF with the front, back and instructions in one file and the large pattern sheets in a separate file (Figure 1). Most large pattern sheets will be separated into several pages to make the pieces more manageable when taping together.

To print your large pattern sheet you will open the file in Adobe Reader and choose the Print option. You will then see all the pages that will be printed. On the first page there is a 1” test square to ensure proper scaling and fit.
When you select the Print option, make sure Page Scaling is set to None and that Auto-Rotate and Center is selected (Figure 2). If you want to only Print the first page to check the Test Square, select Current Page to do so.

After you have tested to make sure your 1” test square is in fact 1” then you can begin assembling your Printable Pattern (Figure 3). You will notice all the pattern pieces will have a semi circle and letter on any sides that will meet up with another page. You will trim one page to the gray line and match the letters to make a complete circle (Figure 4 & 5).

Continue this for all pages until your pattern is assembled. Trace off the desired size and construct the garment (Figure 6). The instructions can be printed or viewed on your computer or tablet.

Happy Sewing!
Michie’, Anna & Tiffany


November 02, 2018 by Creationsbymichie Admin