What I’m Working On Today
I find it funny that as we are experiencing our first cool Fall weather, I’m working on an outfit for the Spring issue of Classic Sewing Magazine.  After working with magazines for almost 20 years, I have finally got into the swing of working out of season.  And what is the trick that took me so long to figure out?  I now make notes during the current season of ideas and inspirations that I can use for next year.  So, that great idea I had yesterday while I was out for a drive will most like show up in the Fall 2018 issue!
Would you like a hint about the submission?  Well, it is for the boys, which is my assignment for each issue, and now look at my floss colors in the picture.  Did you think “carrots”?  Well then, you are right on track. ∼ Michie’
September 14, 2017 by Creationsbymichie Admin