Fabric By Mail
We had been trying to arrange a trip back to The Sewing Room, but sadly we just couldn’t get our schedules worked out.  And so, off to the computer I went to fabric shop.  I ordered my fabric on Thursday during my lunch break on the back porch and, because of the close proximity of the store, it arrived Friday afternoon!  My fabric came carefully folded and gently wrapped in tissue paper.  The fabric and I both felt the love.  I’ll now take the time to enter the fabric source, yardage, swatches, project ideas along with sketches in my notebook.  I like to use up fabric as quickly as possible while I’m still inspired, so I’ll begin on the Christmas outfit sometime this week. ∼ Michie’
And what do we have?
  • Red corduroy and white trim for a Christmas dress.
  • Two Liberty of London prints.  One will be a bubble and the other a smocked dress.
  • Seafoam and pink baby stripes for Summer Sunsuits.
September 19, 2017 by Creationsbymichie Admin